Download Centre

Welcome to the KGN Download centre where you can download digital resources such as literature, technical data, operation and maintenance manuals.


  • Company Profile
  • Brochure
  • Fabrication Brochure
  • Product Portfolio
  • Service Portfolio
  • UPOD Showcase
  • Kiwa Reg 4 Certification
  • Kiwa Reg 4 Certificatoin - UPOD


  • Project Planning
  • Fabrication
  • AV & EV Boosters
  • PU Pressurisation Unit
  • SE Pressurisation Unit
  • Break Tank
  • Break Tank Common
  • Break Tank Above
  • CAT5 Washdown Set
  • Diesel Drive Fire Set
  • Fill Spill Unit
  • Pumping Station Above Ground
  • Pumping Station Below Ground
  • UPOD Underground Plant Room
  • Service

Operating & Maintenance

  • AV EV Booster Set
  • CAT5 Booster Set
  • SE200 Pressurisation Set
  • Submersible Pump Set
  • UPOD Plant Room
  • KGN Electrodes
  • Fill Spill Pressurisation Set
  • Dry Well Submersible Pump Set

3rd Party Operating & Maintenance

  • Lowara e-HM Series
  • Lowara e-HME Series
  • Lowara e-SV Series
  • Lowara P Series
  • Xylem Flojet Quad
  • Xylem Hydrovar
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