The KGN Pillinger CAT 5 Washdown Booster Set is designed to prevent backflow contamination of the mains water supply, while maintaining flow and pressure. The unit is compact, lightweight and housed in a stainless steel cabinet for easy wall mounting.

Since 1999, it has been illegal for commercial organisations to put a hosepipe directly on to a tap to wash down machinery or a vehicle. It is essential to incorporate a backflow prevention device to ensure no back flow and syphonage leading to contamination of the potable water supply by bacteria returning up the hose pipe into the mains water supply.

Our CAT5CAB unit is the perfect solution – housed in a light, compact steel cabinet for easy wall mounting is a combined break tank and end suction booster pump system designed for category 5 applications. The set is a freestanding, quiet-running unit with integrated electronic pressure controller mounted inside the housing. The system is ideal for washdown applications such as bin washing, window cleaning and food processing.

CAT5 internal booster
CAT5 internal booster

CAT5 internal booster

CAT5 external booster
CAT5 external booster

CAT5 external booster



  • Standard stock item
  • Lighted ‘On/Off’ switch
  • Duty: 0.25ls @ 2.2 bar (mid curve)
  • Lightweight stainless steel cabinet
  • Break Tank: 18 litre (4 gallon)
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauge
  • Air gap to prevent backflow contamination
  • Optional Extra: Cabinet can be fitted with a 60 watt heater c/w frost thermostat


  • Automatic operation
  • Simple to wall or floor mount, and install
  • Easy access and maintenance


  • Bin store washdown
  • Small-scale boosting applications
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