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The KGN Pillinger Service Department offers fully integrated nationwide support 24 hours/365 days a year. We provide all service, maintenance, repairs, installation and commissioning requirements.

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KGN Pillinger recommend all pumping equipment including booster sets, pressurisation units, sump stations, packaged pumping stations, vessels, fans and motors are serviced on a six monthly basis.

Our CSCS Certified Engineers have had special training in confined areas such as sump stations and provide complete inspection on all components and associated mechanical and electrical equipment including pipework, valves and control systems.

During a service all necessary adjustments, pressure checks and resets are completed, any minor faults are rectified and a detailed written report provided upon request. A written scheme of examination for onsite insurance inspections is available with certification for each vessel.


KGN manage all stages of onsite installations from sump stations to household pumps and large commercial and industrial booster set projects.

In instances where assembled pump sets are to be fitted in confined areas or with limited access, KGN Pillinger offers a ‘Strip & Rebuild’ service.

The units are fully assembled in the factory where they are thoroughly tested, then stripped to component kit form for easy access and reassembly ready for installation.

Our fully qualified engineers and technical team ensure KGN Pillinger provide the right product, delivered, fitted on time and to specification.


KGN Pillinger strongly recommend that once the pumping equipment has been installed, commissioning should be carried out.

If the pumping equipment is not installed and operated correctly it can lead to failure, void warranty and cost time and money.

Commissioning includes the pumps, control equipment and overall performance test. Our skilled service engineers will inspect the pumping equipment is perfectly integrated into your system ensuring it runs as energy efficiently as possible.

Upon completion of commissioning, KGN will issue certification stating the unit has been installed and set to KGN standards, ensuring the terms of warranty are not compromised.


KGN Pillinger offer integrated modifications for obsolete and superseded equipment.

We will repair or replace equipment as required and with our ability to custom manufacture fabricated pipework and fittings ensure minimal disruption whilst providing a cost effective solution.

Our engineering and workshop facilities provide a repair or complete refurbishment service for pumps, fans and motors and our fleet of fully fitted mobile workshops enable many repairs to be undertaken on site. Larger pumps and fans are removed from site to our workshop where they are stripped down for a full inspection.

KGN will issue a report of their findings and quotation with recommendations for the most cost effective way to proceed.

Site Survey & Assessment

When requested on site for maintenance, installation or repairs, KGN Pillinger offer a free site survey to obtain details of the existing equipment for servicing and determine whether the pumping equipment should be repaired or replaced.

Upon completion of the survey we will issue a quotation with our findings and recommendations.

We now offer real time analysis to monitor flow with an Ultrasonic Flowmeter.

Using advanced ultrasonic technology, and without disruption to the existing equipment, KGN will monitor and assess the flow rate, offering significantly lower cost installation and operating costs than alternative in-line meters and providing the most energy efficient solution.


KGN Pillinger offer free 24 hour technical and emergency support.

We will always try to help and resolve any technical issues with clear advice and instructions.

Our ‘On Call Technicians’ have extensive knowledge and expertise in all water pumping systems and have remote instant access to the KGN Network Solution.

In the case of emergency we will endeavour to reach you within 24 hours from receiving your call. Our polite, professional and reliable service engineers ensure our customers have total peace of mind.

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Contact KGN Pillinger: 020 8681 0097

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