Packaged Pumping Stations

KGN Pillinger bespoke packaged pumping stations are designed for raising sewage, effluent waste and surface water in low lying areas for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The diversity of our range enables us to offer customers a unique choice of sizes, pipework materials

  • BCWS Packaged plant in shipping container

Underground Wastewater Pumping Station

KGN provide a diverse range of high strength, corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tanks and pipework materials.

The below ground chambers can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position, incorporate steel guide rails and chains for easy maintenance and are available with a full control panel and telemetry.

Above Ground Wastewater Pumping Station

The KGN Pillinger above ground chambers are supplied packaged for simple installation.

Designed around easy maintenance features, the 4 mm, 304 stainless steel tanks are engineered to any size and fitted with stainless steel pipework throughout.

Concrete Chamber Kit-Out Wastewater Pumping Station

When a concrete chamber has been specified, KGN will provide an evaluation, design, supply and commissioning for a complete bespoke solution.

The Kit-Outs are supplied with 316L stainless steel pipework and fittings as standard and a full maintenance program is available by qualified KGN engineers with specialist confined space training.

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