Packaged Plant Rooms

We offer a range of Steel and Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) construction plant rooms and kiosks for above or below ground. They are built to exact specifications and are fully building services equipped.

The proven benefits of offsite manufacture and assembly of packaged plant rooms in a controlled factory environment include a saving of overall build costs, time, improved safety and better quality control.

Above Ground Packaged Plant room

UPOD Underground Plant Rooms

The WRAS approved KGN UPOD is a fully fitted GRP plant room incorporating a packaged booster set and water storage tank.

To maximise valuable floor space within a building and avoid planning consent the UPOD can be sited anywhere below ground including car parks, courtyards and site access roads.


Above Ground Plant Rooms

KGN steel container and modular plant rooms are fully assembled for connect and use.

We are able to supply fire and chemical resistant Booster Stations, constructed of steel and modular panels, fully fitted steel containers which are ideal for mobility and re-use.


  • Above Ground Packaged Plant room

Kiosk GRP Plant Rooms

The KGN Pillinger kiosks consist of a moulded Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) with a rigid core construction.

They are available in any size and colour specification, with multiple access assemblies. They are building services equipped, secure and vandal proof.

All kiosks have a Gelcoat finish for weather resistance.

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