Bespoke Systems

KGN Pillinger has an in-house management team to help plan, design and co-ordinate project schedules.

Whatever the task we have the technical knowledge, manufacturing facilities and engineering services to provide a complete bespoke service.

Project work including fire booster sets, packaged plant rooms and circulating pump sets are managed from concept to installation with the assurance of an efficient and seamless hand over.

Break Tank Above

The KGN Pillinger Break Tank Above (BTA) places the break tank above our AV or EV booster set range on a stainless steel base frame.

This range of WRAS approved one piece and sectional tanks are available in multiple sizes and dimensions. The GRP composite material is tough, corrosion resistant and with its anti-microbiological growth properties, the optimum material for water storage tanks.


Packaged Systems

KGN Pillinger engineer packaged equipment for building services applications.

These include pressurisation units, expansion vessels, circulating pumps, dosing pots, buffer vessels, water conditioners, UV treatment and air dirt separators; packaged on a single stainless steel skid incorporating associated valves and pipework. The offsite assembly of the packaged plant drastically reduces expensive on site labour, thereby reducing costs and improving safety.

Fire Booster Sets

The KGN Pillinger fire pump sets are bespoke designed to suit any site conditions.

Where location and space restrictions are paramount they ensure every building’s safety requirements against fire hazards, providing the correct flow of water to the sprinkler system or via hydrants.


Water Industry Solutions

KGN have in-house capability to design, manufacture and install a wide range of bespoke solutions for water utility pumping applications.

From above ground and submersible systems for pumping final effluent around waste water treatment works, to potable booster sets for the water supply network, we offer comprehensive solutions to water authorities and their affiliated contractors across the UK.

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