Pressurisation Units

The KGN Pillinger electronic range of Pressurisation Units are fully automatic, PLC controlled and designed to maintain the required system pressure in both heating and chilled water systems.

Available with single or dual pumps, the units are housed in floor standing, wall mounting cabinets or on a purpose sized chassis. A Fill Spill Unit is available for larger systems.

  • SE200 Pressurisation Unit
  • Fill Spill_2

Fill Spill Units

The KGN Pillinger Range of Fill Spill units are designed for maintaining pressure on larger sealed systems capable of extreme temperature and pressure changes, and built with 304 stainless steel tanks for longevity.

They are available in bespoke design builds to fit within plant room constraints.


PU & SE Range

The PU and SE Range automatically pump water into systems to maintain the initial correct system pressure. Corrosion is eliminated due to the lack of contact between air and water in the system and eliminates the need for a large tank within the roof of the building.

The PU Range is either a single or twin pump system mounted on a base plate, suitable for floor standing or wall mounting.

The SE Range is a twin pump single or dual system, housed in a steel cabinet suitable for floor or wall mounting and is available with enhanced modifications.


Expansion Vessels

KGN Pillinger Expansion Vessels are ideal for containing expansion water in sealed heating, chilled water and HWS systems, and as accumulator vessels for pressure boosting systems.

The vessels contain a cylindrical flexible rubber diaphragm which forms the water space, preventing water contact with the steel shell. As the gas space surrounds the diaphragm, shell corrosion is eliminated.

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