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The Big Cat Sanctuary is home to over 50 cats including African Lions, Sumatran Tigers, Jaguars,Snow Leopards and many more. It began as a refuge for big cats that had been rescued from less than desirable homes and has now become a sanctuary and breeding centre with a very personal approach.

One of our directors, Gemma Russill, had the pleasure of staying in one of the beautiful lodges on site, however during her stay she found the water pressure could use a little boost.

As manufacturers of bespoke pumping equipment, KGN Pillinger approached the sanctuary to try and help out with the site’s pressure problems. After carrying out a site survey to further investigate the issue, a replacement booster set was diagnosed as being the solution. Following agreement from the
sanctuary, our engineers went to site and removed the old booster set and replaced with a new bespoke unit, built in our Croydon factory. They used 316L stainless steel pipework throughout the installation, utilising a crimp connection method to reduce the time the site was without water.

Once commissioned, the system was back online within a day, helping the staff working on site with their daily jobs and the cats will undoubtedly enjoy their pools being filled quicker!

I stayed at The Big Cat Sanctuary in June this year as a birthday treat for my husband. We had a fantastic stay, however, we noticed that the water was poor in lodge we were staying in.

Whilst chatting to the staff in the restaurant throughout the evening, they said that they have received some negative feedback about the water pressure from other guests.

I explained what our company, KGN Pillinger do, and asked if there was anybody I could speak to about the possibility of helping.

We returned to site and met with Terry who showed us the existing Booster set. We knew instantly why their water pressure was so low. We offered to supply and install a new two pump bespoke Booster set, which the Sanctuary gladly accepted. We are very pleased to have been able to help the Sanctuary, an extremely worthy cause and would gladly assist them in the future.”

Gemma Russill, KGN Pillinger

The Big Cat Sanctuary is a leading conservation organisation of wild cats in the UK, and their four pillars of ethos are welfare, breeding, education and conservation. The charity hosts a number of events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness of the in-situ conservation projects they support. Their dedicated team provide the cats with a fulfilled quality of life in captivity – stimulating them both mentally and physically, and KGN Pillinger are very proud to have helped out with such a great cause.

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