The Fitzhugh estate in Wandsworth, London, is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2016 and we were recently contacted to provide a modern pumping solution to the five, 11-storey buildings.

Fill-Spill example

Example Fill-Spill unit

KGN Pillinger were able to locate the original specification for this job from the serial number located on the original plant currently installed. A member of the team then went to site to inspect the current condition of the unit and the exact requirements for a replacement. It was determined that our Fill-Spill pressurisation unit was the perfect option, it has been specifically designed to maintain pressure on larger sealed systems, meaning it was more than suitable for the Fitzhugh estate.

Offering a bespoke design and build, the tank is made with the 304 stainless steel which has been fabricated in-house at KGN Pillinger. The Fill-Spill is capable of temperatures >120°C as well as extreme pressure changes, and also eliminates the requirement for large system expansion vessel.

Installation on the estate will begin shortly, so stay tuned for updates and if you would like to talk to a KGN about a possible solution for you, call us on 020 8681 0097 or email