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Cat 5 Booster Set


Cat5 Washdown

CAT 5 Booster Set Range

The KGN CAT 5 booster set is designed to prevent back-flow contamination of the mains water supply, while maintaining flow and pressure.

It is housed in a light, compact steel cabinet for easy wall mounting and is ideal for general purpose use such as bin stores, vehicle washing, laboratories and irrigation.

Download CAT 5 Booster Set Datasheet


  • Automatic operation
  • Simple to mount and install
  • Easy access and maintenance


  • Vehicle washing
  • Bin stores
  • Irrigation
  • Abattoirs
  • Laboratories
  • Hygienic rooms
  • Veterinary surgeries


  • Standard stock item
  • Lighted ‘On/Off’ switch
  • Duty: 0.25 l/s @ 1.5 bar
  • Lightweight steel cabinet
  • Break Tank: 18 litre (4 gallon)
  • Glycerine filled pressure gauge
  • Air gap to prevent backflow contamination

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