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Break Tank Above


Break Tank Above



The KGN Pillinger Break Tank Above (BTA) places the break tank above our AV or EV booster set range on a stainless steel base frame.

This range of WRAS approved one piece and sectional tanks are available in multiple sizes and dimensions. The GRP composite material is tough, corrosion resistant and with its anti-microbiological growth properties, the optimum material for water storage tanks.

Download BTA Datasheet


  • Efficient use of floor space
  • EV or AV booster set available
  • Bespoke design for custom fit installation



On piece of split horizontal tank seated on a stainless steel frame:
EV: Single or twin pump configuration
AV: Multiple pump configurations



  • Commercial properties
  • Retail developments
  • Apartment blocks
  • Water utilities
  • Agricultural
  • Leisure centres
  • Single dwellings
  • Light industrial units
  • Schools & Universities
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