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Booster Sets

Booster sets

AV & EV Booster Set Range

The KGN Pillinger range of quality assured AV or EV WRAS approved cold water pressure booster sets are designed to increase the pressure of the cold/hot water services within a building, where the existing incoming mains or feed tank is not capable of supplying sufficient system pressure.

The range incorporates efficient inverter driven variable speed pumps. Unlike some other manufacturers, we only incorporate quality products and insist on inverter drives on each pump of our booster sets for variable speed applications.

Our variable speed booster sets are designed and manufactured for use in residential, commercial, industrial and water utility applications.

By adjusting the pump’s motor speed to the building’s flow requirements, the power consumption is dramatically reduced when compared to a fixed speed motor control.

Download Booster Set Datasheet


  • Pump performance range extended by shared duty operation
  • Compact and bespoke design for custom fit installation
  • Variable speed for optimum running costs


Available in horizontal or vertical bespoke format:
EV: Single or twin pump configuration
AV: Multiple pump configuration


  • Commercial properties
  • Retail developments
  • Apartment blocks
  • Water utilities
  • Agricultural
  • Leisure centres
  • Single dwellings
  • Light industrial units
  • Schools & Universities

Break Tank Common

The KGN Break Tank Common (BTC) places the break tank alongside our AV or EV booster set range on a stainless steel frame.

The KGN Pillinger range of WRAS approved one piece and sectional tanks are available in multiple sizes and dimensions. The GRP composite material is tough, corrosion resistant and with its anti-microbiological growth properties, the optimum material for water storage tanks.

Download BTC Datasheet
Break tank common
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